Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Ten Summer Projects for Next School Year

Whew...sorry for the hiatus. I had to spend a few days away from all things having to with school! Now, I am already re-energized for next year and I have been spending far too much time on Pinterest. I thought I would make my to do list public so I am more likely to complete it! Hope you like some of these ideas!

1. Purchase new fabric and borders to give my room a more consistent look. I already have so many primary colored buckets and organizational things so I thought I would foster that theme. Here's an image of a classroom that is inspiring this theme from flipflop teacher. You must check out this link to see images of all sorts of themes.  Be ready to stay a while!

2. Make new seats for my small group table. I love these made from crates, board, foam, and fabric. They look simple enough to make and I think they will look beautiful!
 3. Make some more decorations to help bring the theme together.  I found this great tutorial to make these tissue paper pom poms and I think they will bring the whole room together.
4.  I love this idea for Zap.  I plan to make a board and use it for reviewing any concept throughout the year.  Easy-peasy!
5. Check out this image for back to school night.  I love it and plan to set up student desks to look just as welcoming.  I already ordered magnetic buisiness cards from Vistaprint with my school phone number and email so parents have easy access to them all year long (hopefully I won't regret that!)
6.  Finish preparing my materials for my small group work for reading and writing workshop.  Hands down this has been the best project I started last year and I can't wait to simplify my life with these next year.
7. Set up assessment binders and plans to help students understand standards-based grading. I already made these free posters and found a great tool to help students track progress from Miss Nanini.
8. Set up a complete writing workshop center and prepare for a successful year by using my new posters to establish routines.
9. Make room for a back to school rules wall.  I love this idea from Pinterest and plan to use it with my students in August.

10. Spend some time learning the Next Generation Science Standards for third grade so I can make sure I am ready for a great year of inquiry-based science.

I also plan to have a little fun this summer with my beautiful kiddos!  What huge projects are you planning to tackle this summer?

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  1. Awesome ideas! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that thinks this much about getting things done for the new school year early!