Professional Development Trainings

As teachers and educational consultants, we work hard to develop trainings that are relevant to classroom teachers connecting theory with classroom practice.  We believe that every educator should walk away from training with new insight on a topic, new tools, and new strategies to implement into their classroom tomorrow.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with us at your school or district.

A little more about us:

Brenda Martin is a teacher of ten years and district trainer for the Adams 12 Five Star School District in Northglenn, Colorado.  She has her Masters Degree in Curriculum Design and has years of experience developing and implementing educational curriculum to bring teachers and students into the 21st century.

Ryanne Van Sciver is a teacher of six years for the Adams 12 Five Star School District.  She is also an educational consultant for the non-profit Education for all Children (EFAC).  She has her Masters Degrees in Curriculum and Design and Instructing English Language Learners. 

Trainings we offer:


Pedagogical Focused Workshops

· Classroom Management and Technology
· Making Team Teaching Work
· The 4 Cs of 21st Century Learning (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and  Creativity)
· Teaching with Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships
· Teaching in a one ipad classroom
· Web 2.0 Tools
· Helping Students Create Digital Portfolios
· Differentiation
· Meeting the needs of your ELLs
· Meeting the needs of your GT students
· Standards-Based Grading
· Using Formative Assessments to Guide instruction
· Writing easy, meaningful, higher level objectives to guide your instruction
· Curriculum Mapping to Encourage Cross Content Connections

Content Focused Workshops

· 21st Century Learning in the Reading Workshop
· 21st Century Learning in the Writing Workshop
· 21st Century Learning in the Math Workshop
· Inquiry-Based Science
· Global Connections in Social Studies

What the teachers are saying...

21st Century Global Awareness 

“These women are engaging, knowledgeable and dedicated to global awareness, standards, and web 2.o”
--Kristin Raney, Mountain View Elementary
“It’s a great way to learn how to bring global awareness to your classroom and learn to make it relevant to your students.”
--Karyn Gwinn, Hillcrest Elementary

"These girls rocked!  Very interactive, good facilitation, terrific resources, adapted and personalized help for all participants."
--NSDC Session host

iPads in Education

“I would recommend this workshop because in less than one hour I learned about several apps I had never heard of but that I will definitely use.  I love how you explained how you use them in your classroom.  Thank you for this learning opportunity.”
--Tammy Anderson, Silver Creek Elementary

“This was great! Loved the demos and even the short video and child testimonial.  It was very professional and positive.”
--Christine Cenera, Meridian Elementary and Prarie Hills Elementary

21st Century Learning Across Content Areas

"I would whole-heartily recommend this course. This was probably the best PD that I have experienced since moving to Colorado."
--Classroom teacher, St. Vrain Schools

"I would definitely recommend this course, it helped me be a person that is a bit nervous with technology get excited and try to start thinking of ways to use it in my classroom. It also helped me realized the 21st century skills that are enhanced in my classroom and ones that need more focus."
--Classroom teacher, St. Vrain Schools
"I feel fortunate.  This made so much sense and I feel inspired to go out and give it a try."