Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Classroom Management

Ah! The fresh smell of flowers, opening day for baseball, screaming kids ready for summer break...

With spring time comes so many wonderful things and so many possible headaches!  This is the perfect time to change up classroom management a bit.

I love to challenge the kids to an exciting game of spring baseball!  It's so simple...teacher vs. class.    Instead of constantly reminding the kids to "quietly walk back to their desks" or "stay focused" I simply say "Please try to distract your neighbors" or "Bang on a few desks as you walk back to your seat."  It's funny how literal the kids first they truly don't know what to do!  In the end though they fall for it every time.

I will introduce the rules to the kids during morning meeting on Monday.  We play with the same rules as baseball.  When I am up to bat, I can move around the bases anytime I can get the class off task.  If they are really loud or off task, then I can even get a double or a triple.  If the class is working really well, then they get me out.  When I have three outs they are up to bat moving around the bases whenever the whole class is doing their job.  Here's an image of our gameboard:

The purple and yellow magnet is the player for the team to move around the bases.  At the end of the school year, we will total up the points and the winning team (me or the class) will get to plan an entire day of fun together.  I have never had a class lose yet!

This works great for whole class motivation, but I also know it's important to have an individual management system in place.  On Mondays, I will give each child three baseballs for the week.  If they keep all three, they get to spin our wheel for a classroom prize.  If they get a strike for talking out of turn or forgetting a classroom rule they will have to tear off a baseball.  If a student is out of baseballs he or she will have to fill out a think sheet, which is part of our school's PBIS. 
If you are interested in playing baseball with your students, download this free baseball printout now!

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What great ideas do you have to keep your students working and learning in the challenging spring months?


  1. So how exactly do you and your students get runs and outs?

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  2. I just found this post through pinterest. I love this idea. I think I just found a spring break project. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.

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