Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reading Workshop Projects

With my students so busy with state assessments, I wanted something fun yet aligned with the standards to keep them engaged during reading workshop.  They loved our reading projects!  It was so simple to set up and I can't wait to post these all over the school.

First I started with sharing the expectations and the projects.  The students had to choose one just right book and complete three projects of their choice to demonstrate their understanding.  I spent some time reviewing the project ideas and made sure students knew exactly how these would be scored.  This fit nicely into our already established reading workshop management system but added a fun twist.

Then I spent some time setting up and copying all of the worksheets kids might need to complete these projects in a corner in our classroom.  This way students could spent their time reading and writing content without wasting time drawing board games and cutting out cards.  Here are some worksheets I used, but you can download more free templates here.
Finally I asked a parent volunteer to cut out a large piece of butcher paper for each student so they can display all of their projects.  This took the kids about three weeks of dedicated reading time and project time and it was worth it!  Our next step is to complete a technology project to finalize this with a QR code so we can send other students on a scavenger hunt around the school to learn about books.  It was such a simple way to provide a relevant audience for my students and encourage other students to read, read, read! 

Here are some examples of (almost) finished projects:


If you are interested in engaging your students in this project for the end of the year, just click here!

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