Sunday, September 2, 2012

Entry Seventeen: Morning Meeting

Morning meeting is a dedicated time for students to gather together each day.  We use a very specific structure led by the host.  Students begin by greeting each other in a unique way each day.  My morning meeting kit includes 48 greetings that can be used over and over again to encourage critical thinking, review academic skills, and build classroom community.  After greeting, our host leads us in praising students for meeting goals, getting compliments, or any other topic worth praising.  We also build in time for individual celebrations like birthdays, new puppies, or dad’s new job.  Finally, we get topics of discussion.  During this time students work out problems they are facing.  This can be anything from the long lines at the pencil sharpener to sharing the swings at recess.  By building in this time daily, we have completely eliminated tattling!  Check out this complete morning meeting pack to help you design this important time in your classroom! 

Watch a short video of morning meeting in action!

Or purchase it on teachers pay teachers here.

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