Saturday, August 25, 2012

Entry Sixteen: Third Day of Third Grade

This fabulous idea came to us from one of our amazing teammates, Jen Carillo.  On the third day of third grade, we asked every child to bring in three items that best represented them for our class “Me Museums.”  Students not only brought in the items, they also brought home three note cards and wrote three sentences about each item.  Instead of having each child sit in a chair and share their items, we had ever child set up their desk like a museum with their items, note cards, and a sign.  Then after a lesson on giving appropriate, complete feedback they rotated to each table group to give written feedback on the items in the museums.  We played fun music for students as they rotated to each group.  Even our most struggling writers were excited to write and it was such a great way to build classroom community.  Each child left with a piece of paper with comments from all of their classmates.  What a wonderful souvenir from their first week!

Here is the letter we sent home to families to explain the project.
Here is an image of one table's "Me Museums."

Here is a copy of my feedback collage.

Look at these excited students writing!


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  2. Hi there! Would you mind sharing the letter you sent home via email with me? I'd 'love' not to have to 'recreate' this GREAT idea!

  3. Tonya-- sending it your way now :)