Friday, July 5, 2013

iPad Apps for Classroom Management

Teachers always struggle with the idea of a one iPad classroom-- me included.  While I prefer to get the iPad into the hands of students as much as possible to encourage 21st century learners, these quick tools are great ways to start using the iPad with a large group before you start implementing small group use. 

1.  Songify
Use this awesome tool to turn any words into a song.  It could be perfect for transition time... "Grab your composition notebook, pencil, and meet on the floor."  I recently used this with a group of teachers and they all literally turned to listen.  If it works with teachers, you know it will with kids!

2. VidRhythm
This tool is so fun and easy.  Students can use it for team building by video taping a music video where everyone participates.  It takes less than a minute to tape and the results are awesome!

3. Group Games
Brain breaks have become quite popular over the past few years to get students re-energized to learn.  This app includes simple, fun games to use with students when they just need some downtime.

4. Pick Stix
I heard about this tool, but never knew all that it can do.  Teachers can have multiple cans for groups, label sticks by cognitive level, select question type for student ability, and so much more.  Definitely worth organizing your class using this tool when students return back to school!

5. Noise Sniffer
This tool is a yacker-tracker for the iPad.  You can post it on the projector and give the class a decibel limit.  It's also a great way to "vote" for a project or class decision by letting the app determine which received the most cheers. 

6. Class DOJO
This is a behavior management system where you can collect behavior data for each student.  Teachers can even send this data to parents for instant communication and feedback.  This would work great with a PBIS system or a student on an individualized behavior plan.

7. Kagan Timer Tools
This simple tool is great to help students manage their time with assignments.  You can program anytime and display it for kids.

8. Kagan Select Spinners
If you love teamwork, this tool is for you!  Kagan suggests giving each child think time, select the team first so no team is off the hook, and then select the student to share out.  Everyone has to be ready to discuss which increased engagement and accountability.

9. Not it
This is such a fun, simple tool.  Basically, put the iPad in the center of a group.  Each person puts their finger on the iPad and the app slowly selects the person.  Kids would love this.  Hey-my husband and I might start using this for dish duty!

10. Confer
This last one is a bit pricey ($14.99) but it's worth it if you have a teacher iPad.  You can collect formative notes on your students for all subject areas, sort students, group students, and so much more. 

What are your favorite iPad apps to help manage your classroom?


  1. Songify is no longer there. An app called AutoRap pops up instead. Also, group games was no longer there. Thanks for the rest! :-)

  2. I am sorry you had trouble. Make sure you toggle back and forth between iPhone apps and ipad apps. I think they are both iPhone apps. I just downloaded songify so I know it's there!

  3. To find Songify, I had to do a google search and then it lead me to the app store. :) It's there, just tricky to find. Thanks for this great list! I've stocked up so I'm ready for August!