Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Standards-based Grading

I have been doing a TON of work with standards-based grading and finding ways to manage assessments to give students a fair grade.  There are so many great resources out there but I think my favorite book is Ken O'Connor's Grading for Learning. It gives real tips for making grading simple and fair. 

As part of the district SBG team, I have created glogs to help teachers understand the philosphies behind this new system of grading.  It's no longer about collecting points, it's finally about the learning!

Here are a few checklists you can use to help you collect data on your students.  I like to use these for formative assessments but you could easily use these to collect trend evidence to determine a student's final grade too.

Below are some resources to help teachers explore the philosophies behind this new type of grading.  Let me know what you think!
Want to learn more about including other traits into a grade like effort or late work?

Want to learn more about allowing students to retake a test?

Want to learn more about using trend evidence to determine a grade instead of averaging?

Want to learn more about including homework in a grade?

Want to learn more about multiple assessment opportunities?

Want to learn more about the use of a zero is standards-based grading?

Do you use standards-based grading in your district?  What are your thoughts?


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