Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fables, Folktales, and Myths Reflection

Our kids had such a great time with our fables, folktales, and myths, unit that we had to share their final reflection day!

Over the past two weeks our kids have been working on this tic-tac-toe menu as an engaging way to read more and more of these books. Feel free to print a copy of this menu yourself :) 

On the day their work was due, we decided to host a museum walk as a way to share all of their projects.  We started by brainstorming all of the skills they learned throughout this unit.

Then we had kids reflect on their work and which piece they are most proud of.  Students wrote this message on a large piece of construction paper.
Then we gave directions. 
1. Students stayed with their teams.
2. They added a comment to each student's construction paper sharing something they liked supported a reason.  The reason had to be focused on achievement of a skill.
3. Groups rotated when the music stopped (about every five minutes) so they could see everyone's work.

You would be amazed at how engaged (and quiet) the students were in seeing everyone's work.  This was so much more effective than a standard 'show and tell' presentation and each student left with comments from everyone in class as well as comments from the teacher.  They knew they were prepared for the test (and as an added bonus, we didn't spend all weekend grading this practice work!)

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