Sunday, July 22, 2012

Entry Twelve: Around the World

We are so excited to present on global awareness tomorrow at the National Staff Development Council Summer Conference.  It’s a topic we are very passionate about and can’t wait to share some resources and learn from our participants.  Teaching students about global awareness is so important to help prepare them for their future.  We just learned about these great sites to take students on virtual tours of several large cities around the world.  This is such a great way to engage students for an upcoming unit, share similarities and differences of different cultures, and just introduce students to the sites.  Enjoy!

Miami, USA  
•   Las Vegas,USA  
•   Lake Powell,USA  
•   Oahu, Hawaii, USA  
•   Statue of Liberty, New York, USA                                   
•   Hollywood, California, USA                                   
•   San Juan and Colorado rivers, USA                                   
•   Mono Lake, California, USA                                     
•   Los Angeles, California, USA                                   
•   Kiev,Ukraine  
•   Ay-Petri, Ukraine  
•   Dubai, UAE  
•   Dubai, Islands, UAE  
•   Bangkok, Thailand  
•   Cape Good Hope, South Africa                                   
•   Moscow, MSU, Russia  
•   Moscow, Kremlin, Bolotnaya Square , Russia                                   
•   Moscow, Russia  
•   Moscow Kremlin, Russia    
•   Trinity Lavra of Sait Sergius, Russia                                   
•   New Jerusalem Monastery, Russia                                     
•   Novodevichy Convent. Moscow, Russia                                   
•   MKAD, Moscow, Russia    
•   Krokus Expo Center, Moscow, Russia                                   
•   Nepal, Nepal  
•   Maldives, Maldives  
•   Amsterdam, Holland  
•   Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany                                   
•   Hong Kong, China  
•   Sydney, Australia  

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