Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Entry Eight: Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is such an important quality to foster in a 21st century learner.  We believe there are many ways to challenge students to look at problems and situations in a different way.  Here are a few ideas: 
--Encourage students to solve problems with multiple answers by explaining and demonstrating their thinking.
--Challenge students by offering critical thinking activities for kids.  Here is a great resource to get started Jumpstart.com
--Ask students to argue both sides of a given argument.  Being able to change perspective is challenging for students and adults.
--Don’t always be the one to ask the questions.  Make sure your students have the abilities to ask questions about literature, math, science, the world…
--Teach kids how to think and to reflect on their own thinking.  We like this resource as a starter tool Criticalthinking.org 
--Make it a daily routine in your class.  Check out this Morning meeting pack for suggestions on ways to include critical thinking questions.

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