Sunday, February 10, 2013

Non-Fiction Writing

I am so proud of my little students!  They are taking non-fiction and bringing it to life. This was entirely based on student choice, so it was a little overwhelming at first!  We had students choose everything from global warming to Golden Retrievers, to special effects. 

The best thing we did this year was ask them, "Why are you writing this?"  Kids could not reply, "Because my teacher told me to."  We wouldn't even accept, "To learn more about ___."  We wanted them to set a real purpose for their writing, an authentic audience.  We wanted them to realize that they truly have the power to change the world through their words.

Our student writing about global warming is sending her non-fiction book to President Obama to plea for a change in laws.  Our student writing about Golden Retievers is sharing his letter with a local pet shop to inform new buyers about the benefits of this wonderful dog.  Our student writing about special effects is sending his report to the directors at MGM studios to inform them about what kids look for in special effects for future movies.  We have never had a class so excited about non-fiction writing and I can't wait to see the final versions...coming soon to changed world near you!

If you are looking for a way to help your students organize informative writing use this FREE graphic organizer!


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