Saturday, October 20, 2012

Math Vocabulary

It seems like there’s a million math vocabulary words! When teaching math, we want kids to be engaged in “doing” math and not just writing down math words, but we know they are so important to build math comprehension and skills. This is why I created the math vocabulary mega pack for third and fourth graders. Students can learn these important words through their math dictionary and word wall words as we introduce each new concept and then as part of a math rotation for our 21st century math groups, our students can play math exciting vocabulary games. We printed this resource and had a parent volunteer cut them out and get them all ready for the kids to use. The kids love them! If you are interested in winning this resource, please follow our blog and enter a comment below with either a link to your blog or your email address so I can easily contact you. Winners will be announced October 29th.

This resource is also available for purchase at Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers.

Good Luck!!


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